Client: Taitori

Taitori: extensive reservation services for smart offices

Keywords: ASP.NET, C#, OpenID Connect, Telia Tunnistus service, Javascript, Knockout.JS

Taitori is a finnish company that offers smart office solutions for clients in business and the public sector. They e.g. develop and maintain their own web and mobile application that’s mainly used for managing smart office reservations. In addition to this, their application contains several different team features and it can be used to order catering for meetings in the spaces that are reserved.

The goals of our co-operation

Our co-operation with Taitori has been extensive and varied. Taitori has had two experts from Varaani in different positions: one developing their mobile application and the other in broader development positions with their reservation system.

One the largest sections among the varied tasks our developers tackled was a project in which a system for strong identification for persons using the reservation system was built and delivered. This was an entirely new feature for which there was a real need among Taitori’s clients. Strong identification is a vital component especially for their clients in the public sector, as new information security requirements pertaining to for example GDPR and encryption require service providers to adapt their business.

Our expert was in addition to the strong identification part of the team that built other features for the application. These included for example the addition of restaurant and café orders into the reservations, a support for repeating paid reservations and the testing of the UI via the use of Robotic Process Automation.

We wanted to complement our own team with capable and entrepreneurial experts who could work independently in an agile way. Together with Varaani we found just the right people to help us with our development.

Marko Lattu

Founder & Partner, Taitori

What we did

In the project to develop the feature for strong authentication the team consisted of the lead developer from Taitori and our expert who worked as a fullstack designer. The small and agile team had the ability to tackle the challenges of the project quickly and effectively.

The team utilized Jira’s Kanban board in the task management of their development project, in which they could track the number and status of the development tasks. The project had an extensive list of pre-determined development tasks that were ordered by priority, and during the project changes in the priority order were quickly reacted to.

The strong authentication feature was built so that the Telia Tunnistus service was integrated into the Taitori service by using the OpenID Connect protocol. The data used for the strong authentication are stored obeying all laws and regulations safely and encrypted into a database. All of the personal information that are handled are saved with an encryption key into the Azure cloud environment, where they are safe behind authentication. This way the service can be trusted to be GDPR compliant and the data of the users can be trusted to stay safe in every stage of use.

As the result of the development a quality feature was produced to be a part of Taitori’s application. With it, Taitori can fulfill their clients’ need for strong authentication in smart office reservations, and the end user can be sure that their data is stored in a careful and lawful way.

Taitorin järjestelmä


The feature that was produced works as a strong competitive advantage for those of Taitori’s clients that require strong authentication from the smart office solution they use. In addition it brings a wider variety of services to their other clients, and overall increases the security of the product.

Our co-operation with Taitori in both other development projects and the strong authentication project went swimmingly and the feedback from our client has been very positive. There’s a strong chance for continued co-operation and Taitori has continued developing their application independently and offers it to their clients.

Our co-operation with Varaani went excellently. The experts from Varaani brought exactly the right kind of expertise to our team. The development was efficient and our communication worked well. I warmly recommend Varaani for these kinds of projects.

Marko Lattu

Founder & Partner, Taitori

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About Taitori

Taitori is a roughly ten person finnish company founded in 2010 whose revenue is around a million euros. Taitori offers their extensive services for smart office reservations to big finnish players such as VR, Ylä-Savon Sote, Kaslink, Fennia and Otavamedia. Taitori’s strong competitive advantage is their domesticity, because all of their services are produced in Finland.