Client: Tamtron

Scale integration

Keywords: Python, Marshmallow-dataclass, SQLAlchemy

Tamtron is specialized in advanced, accurate and innovative industrial weighing solutions. In addition to scales integrated in machinery and heavy duty weighing, Tamtron offers weighing information management systems that convert weighing data to reports and invoices, either directly or via ERP integrations.

The project

The long lifespan of the scales is demanding for the information systems. Varaani and Tamtron started collaborating when the older scale types were required to be used along with the newer models in the Tamtron One Cloud system. We built quickly and cost-efficiently a “data bridge” between the two systems. It interprets the master data and orders in the new system to records used by the scale software, and exports the weighing data to the cloud.

The data bridge works great, and we can serve our customers better with it. Our collaboration with Varaani went smoothly, so we’ll continue together with other projects as well.

Jouni Gustafsson

CTO, Tamtron Group