Client: Noux

Noux: Digital Sales Room for successful B2B sales

Keywords: React.js, Next.js, TypeScript, Chakra UI, React Query, PosgreSQL, Prisma

Noux Digital Sales Room is a product that consolidates all of the relevant sales materials to a central location so they can easily be accessed by everyone. The product provides an answer to the problem of B2B sales and purchasing becoming more and more complicated in the digital world of today.

The challenge and goals

The service allows salespeople to cut down the endless back and forth and the time it takes to complete sales when dealing with larger buying groups. The project had a big emphasis on modern media, such as video materials.

The motive for our customer was to bring this service to the international market and launch a new product aimed for B2B salespeople. The aim of the product was to bring the more traditional sales methods to the digital world and the present day, and ease the process of both sales and purchasing.

The biggest challenge for the product was to convince established salespeople to change their habits and to adopt modern technologies. Younger salespeople are more easily convinced about the benefit of using technology to assist their work, but especially more senior ones might be more rooted in their old ways, and be hesitant to update their methods.

Starting from an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) level product, our expert was assigned to the development team whose aim was to expand the scope of the product, and to deliver new features. We made sure it worked beautifully and looked awesome, and added planned features along with implementing UI  & UX designs into the end product.

We needed a good software developer on our team, but our criteria was also to find someone who would be fun to work with. The Varaani team was initially interested in our goal and way of working. We looked at the people Varaani proposed to us and together we made a selection of the person whose experience, skills and personality best met our needs.

Esa-Matti Karine

CEO, Noux

What we did

The team consisted of the CEO & sales representative from Noux, their CTO as a lead developer, and our expert functioning as a senior software developer for both backend and frontend development. The team tackled weekly shifting priorities of development tasks, a long list of planned additional features and careful balancing of what gets done and in which order. An agile approach to the project ensured a fast reaction to changes in the pace and scope of the project, providing an excellent result.

Both the application front-end and back-end were built, with a plethora of new features from the ground up. The team responsibly prioritized the tasks, which consisted of several  different scale features. Each completed development task would require a pull request: before any code was merged, the changes were subject to review from the other developer, so that any mistakes were caught before going into production.


The development process was a success, and development of the product is still ongoing after the initial release and our part of the project. The service has been released and is in use by clients across several fields internationally. What we achieved were constant improvements to the daily work of the client and their customer, and the smooth operation and a seamless user experience of the product even with the constant rollout of new features and improvements.

The feedback was very positive and the client was impressed by our expert’s skills and professionalism, with a possibility for future collaboration.

The cooperation went very well. We got just the right kind of expertise on our team. The development work was efficient and communication worked well. Varaani not only implemented our product vision but also brought vision to our team on the direction of development. Varaani has helped create a product that is extremely intuitive to use and helps B2B sellers succeed in their work.

Esa-Matti Karine

CEO, Noux

Noux logo

About Noux

Noux is a pioneering startup company based in Helsinki, Finland established in 2021. The name of the company comes from Nuuksio national park near Helsinki. They are the producer of Noux Digital Sales Room. Noux offers a Digital Sales Room service that streamlines the B2B seller’s work and enhancing the customer’s buying experience by bringing together all relevant sales material, personalised videos and interactions in one customer-friendly microsite.