Our work speaks for itself

Our thing is solving our client’s challenges — independent of technology or field of business. We’ve accumulated experience from numerous different projects. Here are a few of them.

Jutel: Designing the user experience of a browser-based multi-track audio editor

UI & UX Design

Jutel, a software development company that specializes in automation solutions for radio broadcasting needed help with a browser-based multi-track audio editor’s UX & UI design, and chose Varaani to be their partner in this challenge.

Taitori: extensive reservation services for smart offices

Software Development

Our co-operation with Taitori has been extensive and varied. Taitori has had two experts from Varaani in different positions: one developing their mobile application and the other in broader development positions with their reservation system. These included for example the addition of restaurant and café orders into the reservations, support for repeating paid reservations and the testing of the UI via the use of Robotic Process Automation.

Noux: Digital Sales Room

Software Development

Noux Digital Sales Room is a product that consolidates all of the relevant sales materials to a central location so they can easily be accessed by everyone.

Tamtron: Scale integration

Software Development

We implemented a data bridge for Tamtron. It allows scale models connected to the old service to be used with the new cloud service.

Frestems: VR demonstrator

3D & VR applications

We made a VR application for Frestems using Unity 3D for demonstrating a stretcher loading system and adapting to ambulances for Frestems.


3D & VR applications

We implement 3D product configurators on our partner VividWorks’ platform for international customers.

Brains for a software house

Software Development

Implementation help: hands and brains for Vincit with extra ordinary results.

Onboarding application

Software Development

We developed a dynamic web app for determining the language skills for new users of Master English.

Some of our clients