Our services for the whole software lifespan

Our experienced experts help you in software production every step of the way. We offer services for the whole lifespan of a product from design to implementation and life cycle services.

Examples of our experts

Senior Software DeveloperExperience: 5+ yearsVersatile experience from software development.
Especially strong C# and Python skills. Specialty
knowledge in Robotic Process Automation and
developing 3D applications on the Unity platform.
Situated in Tampere.
C#UnityPythonRobotic Process Automation
Software DeveloperExperience: 5+ yearsStrong background in web development with e.g.
the Node+Express+React stack. Specialty experience
in developing an SaaS product and architecture design
in a lead role. Situated in Tampere.
UI/UX DesignerExperience: 10+ yearsComprehensive experience from UI/UX and visual design.
Strong graphic design background from both marketing
and software. Specialty knowledge in motion graphics
and animation. Very proficient in Figma and Adobe CC.
Situated in Tampere.
Design SystemsAdobe CCHTML & CSSFigma
Senior UX DesignerExperience: 10 yearsUX Designer experience from more than 20 projects.
Comprehensive repertoire from Service Design to
UI Design. Specialty knowledge in video production
and sound design. Also understands web development
and business. Strong Figma skills. Situated in Tampere.
Design SystemsService DesignAudio DesignFigmaUser ResearchVideo Production

Some of our services

Agile software development

High quality agile software development in a technology agnostic way. We have made e.g. web-based services, mobile apps, integrations and other extra ordinary software projects for our customers. Technologies and languages include C++, C#, Python, Java, Javascript and React.

UX & UI design

Agile and user centric user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Design research, concepts, prototypes, finished user interface and inclusion of users and stakeholders every step of the way.

3D & VR applications

We have invested in 3D know-how. We make virtual reality or display-based 3D applications on Unity and Unreal Engine platforms. We also make 3D product configurators using the platform of our partner VividWorks, or using Unity / Unreal Engine directly.

Auditing services

We can perform an external audit for a software or software development project that can be tailor-made to your needs. The audit can focus on e.g. information security, scalability or product developmet processes.

Interested in our services? Hit us up and let’s talk some more.

Timo Kallela