Join us

Varaani is an extra ordinary software company and we want to remain that way.

We are about ten people at the moment. You’d be part of a team where your contribution matters, and you wouldn’t be just a resource in a spreasheet.

With us your work can be fulfilling and you can participate in interesting and challenging customer projects. We want our people to grow and advance in their careers.

Extra ordinary benefits

Quite fair pay

Quite generous base salary, that won’t stress you out, in case you are in the bench between projects. In addition we pay a monthly bonus of ca. 10 % of you customer billing.

A flexible workplace

We all like to be married to something/someone else than work. Working hours and unpaid leaves can be arranged flexibly. You can also work remotely, project permitting.

Distraction-free working culture

Getting to the flow is important for a programmer. Here you can respond to messages when you have a natural break in the flow. We have few meetings and noise cancelling headphones are on us.

Low hierarchy

In a small company everything happens without bureaucracy and middle management. It means an apt amount of freedom and responsibility, but not being left alone with problems.

Development opportunities

We try to get suitably challenging projects that won’t get you bored. We also have good and helpful people doing them. In addition we offer possibilities for training and studying.

Good Coffee

Almost everything is “extra ordinary”, but our coffee is extraordinary. Since we founded Varaani, “good coffee” has been the only item on the list of official company values.

Apply now

Please tell us what kind of work you would be interested in, and send a summary of your previous experience to

How our recruitment works

  1. We respond to your application within 3 days
  2. A free-form mutual interview
  3. A coding assignment done at home
  4. Assigment debriefing and a technical interview
  5. Job offer

We try to do all this in two weeks. If we think we have to decline at some stage, we’ll try to explain why. We’d like you to do the same.

Currently hiring:

Our current job openings are listed in LinkedIn. Even if your experience is not a perfect match, please contact us to see what we can work out together.