The Varaani pack

This is our current team. Our e-mail addresses are in the format Our common e-mail address is

Timo Kallela, CEO

Timo Kallela


Timo is Varaani’s CEO and a big part of recruitment, sales, and client work. He has a long background in the startup world in both developer and CTO roles.

Kari Hiitola, CTO

Kari Hiitola


Kari is a software professional that has been with Varaani right from the inception. He has been the chief architect and ran the R&D of Varaani Cloud Hub.

Samu Nuutamo, CDO

Samu Nuutamo

Senior Software Developer

Samu joined the Varaani team among the first ones. Since then he has produced tons of quality code for our our product and customers.

Olli Pirttilä, Senior UX Designer

Olli Pirttilä

Senior UX Designer

Olli is an experienced designer, who also understands business and software development. Olli’s special skills include video production and audio design.

Lauri Korpela, Senior Software Architect

Lauri Korpela

Senior Software Architect

Lauri has wide experience in different parts of software engineering. From coding to architecture, managing teams and subcontracting software.

Ilkka Kaikuvuo, CEO

Ilkka Kaikuvuo

Senior Advisor

Ilkka is a startup enthusiast with a strong IT background. Along the way he has founded e.g. Framery and Surveypal.

Asko Lahti

Asko Lahti

Senior Software Developer

Asko is a versatile developer, and his skillset includes 3D and VR applications in addition to more traditional software development.

Geetha Ramachandran

Senior Software developer

Geetha is an analytical problem solver with extensive experience in .NET technologies and a will to always be learning.

Dan Norrish

Dan Norrish

Software Developer

Dan is a developer with a solid knowledge of web technologies and a passion for expanding his skillset.

Sami Sipari

Software Developer

Sami is a professional with versatile experience. C# / .NET is his favorite tool, but in addition to that he has skills in Unity and 3D development.

Janne Juhola

Janne Juhola

Technical Project Manager

Janne is a long-running IT veteran who feels at home in project management roles as well as when getting his hands dirty with coding.

Joonas Mykkänen, UI/UX Designer

Joonas Mykkänen

UI/UX Designer

Joonas has extensive experience in UI/UX and visual design. A strong background in graphic design from both marketing and software fields. Specialty experience in motion graphics and animation.

Santeri Sivula

Santeri Sivula

Software Developer

Santeri is a versatile developer with experience from Fullstack development with C# / .NET technologies and specialty experience in Unity and 3D / VR development.

Board of directors

Olli-Pekka Kulmala

Olli-Pekka Kulmala

Chair of the board

Heikki Tarvainen

Heikki Tarvainen

Member of the board

Sami Somero

Member of the board

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    Where to find us?

    Our office is in the center of Tampere, in MOW Supernova coworking space, visiting address Ratinankuja 1.