Varaani is an extra ordinary software consultancy company.

We make extra ordinary software for our clients

No matter how ordinary it has been for us, many of our clients have regarded our work as excellent. However, our bread and butter is not telling stories, but making them. Our professional experts will help you in every facet of software production, throughout the life cycle of the software, from design to technical implementation and maintenance.

Our services

Software development

High quality agile software development in a technology agnostic way. We have made e.g. web-based services, mobile apps, integrations and other extra ordinary software projects for our customers. Technologies and languages include C++, C#, Python, Java, Javascript and React.

UX & UI design

Agile and user centric user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design. Design research, concepts, prototypes, finished user interface and inclusion of users and stakeholders every steps of the way.

3D & VR applications

We have invested in 3D know-how. We make virtual reality or display-based 3D applications on Unity and Unreal Engine platforms. We also make 3D product configurators using the platform of our partner VividWorks, or using Unity / Unreal Engine directly.

Some of our projects

Noux: Digital Sales Room

Noux Digital Sales Room is a product that consolidates all of the relevant sales materials to a central location so they can easily be accessed by everyone.

Clipper main view

Jutel: the User Experience of an audio editor

Jutel, who specializes in automation solutions for radio broadcasting needed help with a browser-based multi-track audio editor’s UX & UI design.

Frestems: VR product demonstrator

We made a VR application for Frestems using Unity 3D for demonstrating a stretcher loading system and adapting to ambulances for Frestems.