Don't worry.

Do Nothing. Save Everything.

Securely save, backup, and access all your digital information. For your family or small business. Choose a better Cloud. A hybrid Cloud.

Everything in one place.

Varaani Cloud Hub combines Storage, Backup, and Access to your critical small business or family digital life in one solution. Instead of having to purchase separate products and services, Varaani Cloud Hub provides more storage, better backup, and remote access and sharing all in one solution. You get Terabytes of storage that you can access 30 times faster if you are at home or in the office and costs only a fraction of what it would cost to save it in a Cloud-only solution. You get Cloud backup for all your computers and devices. And you can securely access the files you need from any device.

Accountants use Varaani.

Several accounting offices use the Varaani Cloud Hub. When asked why, they tell us that they needed a solution that allows them save a lot of different customers' data and be able to securely share that with them from one place. The backup is especially important to them so they keep all historic data for their customers, also in case something goes wrong. Security is very important to them and they trust the Varaani Cloud Hub with all their sensitive data.

Photographers use Varaani.

Varaani Cloud Hub is an excellent solution for small companies. This professional photographer uses the Cloud Hub extensively to save all the material, share it securely with his customers, and ensure he has all digital information backed up.

Advertising agencies use Varaani.

The Varaani Cloud Hub is also being used by advertisement agencies. They tell us that it is easy to share a lot of material with their customers, material that is often time sensitive so security is important. Furthermore they can show all their work to their customers onsite without having to take external harddisks with them.

Manufacturers use Varaani.

This manufacturer turned to the Varaani Cloud Hub in order to change their current system to send large files to customers. They work a lot with CAD models that are large in size and difficult to share. At the same time their work is always backed up, providing an extra layer of security and business continuity for them.

Save. Share. Backup. Play.

Tablet. PC. Smartphone. TV. Web.

More storage.

We’ve all been there. You need lots of storage for all your videos, pictures, songs, and files. There just isn’t enough storage in cloud-only services, even the paid ones, and you don’t want to save only a few important images, you want to save it all. You want it to be accessible fast from any device. Varaani Cloud Hub gives you multiple Terabytes of storage that is accessible from any of your devices.

Access your files from any device.

On the road, at home, at the office, at the customer site, on the beach. Your content is accessible from any of your smartphone, tablet, browser, TV, or PC. View streaming video, pictures, or music that is on your Cloud Hub. Share your content with others via email or social media. And it is 30 times faster to access your content at home than Cloud-only solutions.

Drag and drop all.

You can drag and drop all your files to the Cloud hub from any web-browser. It also shows as a network drive when you are at home. And your digital life is safe with the Cloud Hub.

Don't worry. It's safe.

All your files on the Cloud Hub device automatically get backed up to our online backup service. On the contrary to Cloud-only solutions that store your entire file "somewhere", your file stays safe at home and only parity data is stored in our backup service. Two harddisks in the Cloud Hub ensure that even if one breaks, you won't notice a thing. You can backup all your family computers using Windows and Apple Time Machine backup services.



  • 2 Terabyte storage capacity
  • 2 redundant hot-swappable disks
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Windows share
  • Mac share
  • WebDAV share
  • Remote share
  • Encrypted remote connectivity
  • Secure authentication
  • Multi-level and group access rights
  • USB for camera import
  • UPnP support (DLNA client compatible)
  • System info
  • Automatic configuration

Access and Share

  • Apps for PC, browser, Mac, iOS, Android, iPad, Windows Phone
  • Automatic content organisation through extensive metadata support
  • Full text search to easily find files
  • Windows Search integration
  • Tree view to organise and browse content
  • File browser
  • Drag and drop file support
  • Media UI with Preview
  • Slide show mode for images
  • Social media integration
  • Share though Email
  • Streaming Audio, images, and video for media playback
  • Content transcoding to support player device


  • Automatic and continuous backup of entire Cloud Hub Device to Cloud service
  • Multiple computers can be backed up on one Cloud Hub Device
  • Apple Time Machine support
  • Windows backup client
  • Secure connections (TLS/SSL)
  • Data encryption for data sent to Cloud Hub Service
  • Adaptive throttling depending on bandwidth availability
  • Recovery of deleted files
  • Previous version recovery through simple timeline slider
  • Recovery of entire files or folders
  • Backup everything, user files, and /or custom folders