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The Varaani Cloud Hub is available through our resellers, partners or is white-labeled by service providers.

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Successful customer launch.

Tampereen Puhelin is a broadband and IT-service provider in Finland. They turned to Varaani Cloud Hub to provide their small and medium business customers with an all-in-one affordable solution for storage, backup, and access. The service is offered with a monthly fee that includes the Cloud Hub device, and the backup service and branded aplications on PC, Tablet, and Mobile.

”Our rebranded service Tiedostoholvi is a cost efficient solution for our customers. We have received excellent feedback. Both our current and new customers have been very interested in the service. The customers especially praised the broad range of features, ease of use and easy deployment. Tiedostoholvi also provides strong data security which has been very important value to our customers”.

- Rauno Vänni, Tampereen Puhelin

High return with a low risk.

The Varaani Cloud Hub is a new service offering that complements your service portfolio and generates additional revenue streams with long customer commitment and contracts. Service providers and resellers can focus on the sale, distribution and customer contacts. Varaani will manage all the device software remotely, as well as manage the data center for the online backup service. The Varaani Cloud Hub data center patented technology ensures a low data center footprint, but still guarantees accurate recovery when needed.

The Varaani Cloud Hub is fully brandable to fit your needs. Differentiate your service offering from Cloud-only storage services. You can start easy and simple without large costs or risks.

Capitalize on exploding storage needs, together.

It is estimated that an average household data storage need is already close to 500 GB, and growing exponentially as people use more advanced devices. Cloud-only solutions simply don’t provide the cost effective and sizable storage requirements that consumers and SMEs have. Customers want a safe, convenient, affordable solution to store and back-up their entire growing amount of content. They also want to be able to access it from anywhere from any device with a minimum hassle.

If you are service provider or IT services company, the Varaani Cloud Hub is an excellent opportunity to tap into this growing market and offer a differentiated service offering that delivers recurring revenue.