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January 1, 2017

Helmi Pro gives enterprise level data storage tools for the SOHO and SME companies

Capnova has brought to the market a new service for saving, sharing and securing business critical data. Helmi Pro service offers affordable enterprise level data storage tools with local storage space, remote access and automatic online backup for SOHO and small and medium enterprises.

Helmi Pro has fast local shared storage space and both local and online backups as a standard feature. The content is saved both inside the local device at the office, factory or other company premises and to the Helmi Pro cloud backup service. This increases business efficiency and secures the business continuity.

“Data security was a very important factor when we decided to launch Helmi Pro service with Varaani Works.” tells Capnova’s Passionate Sales Director Mikko Vilppula. To ensure the data security all data stored on the Helmi Pro’s cloud service is encrypted and saved in Finland, inside Capnova’s own datacenter. All communication between the Helmi Pro device and Capnova’s datacenter is encrypted as well. This way the end-user data will not end up in the wrong hands.

The Helmi Pro service is developed and the online backup solution is patented by Varaani Works Oy. Varaani is focusing to grow through partner network both inside Finland and in the international marketplace. ”We introduced our white label service at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it was welcomed very enthusiastically. Many SMEs and households lack easy and diverse storage solutions. I’m really proud that we can offer our service with such a trusted and well known partner as Capnova.” notes the Head of Sales of Varaani Works Mr. Marko Kuula.

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Helmi Pro products and prices including both the Helmi Pro device and the cloud storage service as follows:

Helmi Pro 1 TB: 45€/month

Helmi Pro 2 TB: 65€/month

Helmi Pro 4 TB: 105€/month

*VAT 0%

Contract period 24 months