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June 28, 2012

Donna Kivirauma, Chief Marketing Officer for Varaani Works Oy will be a keynote speaker at MindTrek2012

Donna Kivirauma, Chief Marketing Officer at Varaani Works Oy, a Tampere based technology company, will be a keynote speaker at MindTrek2012 during the "Create"-tive Marketing Workshop. The workshop is being organized by Donna, Bertta Häkkinen, producer at MindTrek2012, and Juha Kaario, Head of Business Development, at Varaani Works, Oy.

After a successful career in sales and marketing in the US, Donna has found her way to Finland where she has been busy with many successful projects and leading the Sales and Marketing at a Tampere based start-up, Varaani Works. Her sales and marketing has always been rooted in creativity and strong positive thinking abilities. She will present what she has found to be best practices in her career not only from her own experiences, but also from what she has learned from others. The presentation will include topics like, “the role of positive thinking in successful marketing campaigns”, and “how to create opportunities” for your company. “I enjoy sharing ideas and interacting with people. We benefit when we grow our own ideas with insights from others. I wanted to participate at MindTrek because of the creative energy that exudes from this event. I look forward to not only sharing my ideas about how to “create” success for your company, but also networking with the thought-leaders and creative, innovative people that this event attracts,” shared Donna.

Besides the keynote, the workshop will also include “stories of success” presented by a panel of successful company leaders who have themselves used creativity in their strategy which lead to their company success. They will share their stories and offer insight into concrete ways of reaching success. “This workshop is sure to be a popular event because of the timeliness of this topic with so many start-ups emerging from Tampere. We are excited to be able to offer such a useful workshop to MindTrek participants,” commented Bertta. Having a great product/service is step one, how to then turn that idea into success is always the next burning question.

It is always important once something is learned to immediately be able to put it into practice. During the workshop, participants will be able to work through some of their challenges to funding, barriers to market entry, etc. The discussion will be facilitated by Juha Kaario. “The idea is to use methods used also in crisis management and social community involvement. The challenges companies are facing today resemble crisis and require a lot of creativity to overcome. Hands-on collaborative problem solving stimulates out-of-the-box thinking and hopefully opens up new alternatives.”

About MindTrek:

The 16th annual MindTrek festival will take place October 3-5, 2012 in Tampere, Finland.

The festival opens a preview to the future of digital media and business. It features three days of exciting program; visionary speakers, international conference action and exclusive competitions.

MindTrek has become a must-experience for networking. The festival brings together an international blend of top industry professionals, entrepreneurs and creative minds, over 700 people from 30 different countries. A new venue, the unique Finlayson old factory area in the heart of Tampere, provides inspirational surroundings to the event.

About Varaani:

Varaani Works Oy is a growing company providing a care-free personal cloud storage solution. Varaani was founded in January 2010 and operates in Tampere, Finland. The founders have a strong background in IT and communication technology with several years of experience in international business.

Varaani’s mission is to create a leading experience for home and SME business users for keeping their digital content safe and accessible in one place. The core innovation in the on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a price tag of a consumer service. On top of the core technology Varaani has built a complete customer offering that creates a seamless combination of content and storage services.