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February 10, 2015

Varaani Receives US Patent for Unique On-line Backup Method

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted US patent No. 8,954,793 for the unique data storage and backup solution developed by a Finnish start-up company Varaani Works.

“The amount of stored data by the consumers is estimated to grow six-fold during in the coming few years. Over 60% of users’ data will remain at home or office, despite the emergence of cloud services. Varaani’s patented innovation offers cost efficient and secure storage solution for local storage needs, without forgetting the main benefit of the cloud storage, being able to access personal data anywhere, anytime”, says CEO of Varaani, Kimmo Lahdensivu. “Our goal is to make data storage and backup pain-free for households and businesses.”

Varaani Works is the developer of Varaani Cloud Hub, a product that combines local storage, online backup and content sharing. The data is stored to the local device, but also backed up to the cloud. All the content is available at high-speed and it is always safe. The user being able to completely control his or her own content in the cloud is a big differentiator in Varaani’s solution.

The patented on-line backup technology saves significantly storage space in the data centre. Instead of storing a 1:1 copy, only error correction information that is needed to reconstruct missing data is stored in the Varaani data centre, and the user files will always remain in the local device. Varaani’s method requires only about 10% of the storage capacity in the data centre compared to a 1:1 file backup. This saves in the resources required in the data centre, especially the amount of disk space and hence the energy consumption.


CEO Kimmo Lahdensivu, Varaani Works Oy, tel. +358-40-5285058,

About Varaani:

Varaani Works Oy was founded in January 2010 and operates in Tampere, Finland. Varaani’s mission is to create a leading experience for home and SME business users for keeping their digital content safe and accessible in one place. The core patented innovation in the on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a price tag of a consumer service. On top of the core technology Varaani has built a complete customer offering that creates a seamless combination of content and storage services.