February 23, 2016

Varaani Launches World’s First Personal Cloud as a Service

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, 23 February 2016 – Varaani Works announced today Varaani Cloud Hub, the personal cloud service that combines the flexibility of cloud with the speed and privacy of local storage. Varaani Cloud Hub features a unique combination of hardware and a service – a local storage device with terabyte-level capacity connected to your local network, storing and organizing your content, and a service that provides encrypted cloud backups and enables easy sharing and access to your data outside of your home.

The solution is targeted for consumers. A lot of focus has been put to user experience and security of the Varaani Cloud Hub. There is no need to configure anything when taking it into use. The device is provisioned by a service provider when a consumer subscribes to the service. All the user content is automatically backed up to the Varaani cloud service. Varaani has developed a patented technology for lowering the cost of data center storage enabling backup of terabytes of data with consumer friendly pricing.

The users can access the Cloud Hub with mobile apps, web based cloud desktop and standard file access protocols (Windows, Mac OSX, TVs). Mobile apps are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms.

Varaani Cloud Hub is also the world’s first network attached storage (NAS) device with hardware security. The device includes a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) and secured boot technology. New security and feature updates are automatically rolled out to all the devices in the service without any required user interaction.

“We identified that many consumers don’t have a storage solution that would meet their needs. The existing local storage products lack in usability and require technical expertise. At the same time many consumers want to be in control of their digital content and don’t trust public cloud services. The Varaani Cloud Hub provides the essential functionalities of both a user friendly and secure way.”, says Kimmo Lahdensivu, CEO Varaani Works Oy.

Varaani Cloud Hub service will be sold to consumers by service providers. Varaani offers a white label solution where all the user experience elements can be customized with service providers own branding. This guarantees best quality of service for the consumers and gives new revenue opportunities for the service providers.

Anvia, 4th largest telecom operator in Finland, starts selling the service this spring. “Among our customers, we see growing demand for storage services because the amount of digital photos and videos is increasing exponentially. In cooperation with Varaani, we are able to meet and even exceed their expectations. Moreover, we are happy that we can customize the service with our own brand Isoo, which refers to Finnish word for big. The service provides enough space for your photos for your whole life” says Klaus Varis, Business Manager from Anvia.

Varaani Works Oy is a storage technology company from Tampere, Finland founded in 2010. Varaani develops white label data storage solutions for service providers and telecom operators. Varaani Cloud Hub is demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Hall 1, stand 1E04. www.varaani.com

More information,

Kimmo Lahdensivu, kimmo.lahdensivu@varaani.com, +358405285058, CEO of Varaani Works Oy

Klaus Varis, Klaus.varis@anvia.fi, +358444114419, Business Manager, Anvia Telecom