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October 15, 2012

“Varaani Guy” video series to Premiere at Broadband World Forum (BBWF)

Varaani Works Oy, a Tampere-based company will release the first two videos in the Series, “Varaani Guy.” They will be premiered at Broadband World Forum in Amsterdam on Tuesday, October 16, 2012. You can get a sneak preview on the Varaani website before the opening of BBWF.

The “Varaani Guy” series is a humorous way to look at the combined local and cloud storage/back-up offering that Varaani is marketing via the broadband operator channel. The first video takes a look at how easy it is to set-up the device and service. “All you have to do is plug it in and it just works,” said Kari Hiitola, CTO, and Chief Architect at Varaani.

The second video highlights the reason why Varaani decided to design its solution around a central storage, the Varaani Cloud Hub, for your home or office for all of your content from all of your devices. People want to “own” their content and desire fast access free from the limitations of broadband connections when accessing content from home. The content from the Varaani Cloud Hub is then backed up to the cloud using the Varaani patent-pending innovation to protect the content from loss or damage.

There will be other videos in the series. They will all contribute to the overall understanding of the value that the Varaani technology brings to the storage industry. Content storage can be a mundane topic, but Varaani sees that its contributions to developing exciting technology that will greatly impact how consumers store, protect and access their content also calls for an interesting approach to tell about its offering. “I am so happy to be in the leading role in such an educational video and hope to continue my role in even more inspirational videos as the Varaani guy,” jested Juha Kaario, COO at Varaani.

Stay tuned to the Varaani news for future releases of the “Varaani guy.”

About Varaani:

Varaani Works Oy is a growing company providing a care-free personal cloud storage solution. Varaani was founded in January 2010 and operates in Tampere, Finland. The founders have a strong background in IT and communication technology with several years of experience in international business.

Varaani’s mission is to create a leading experience for home and SME business users for keeping their digital content safe and accessible in one place. The core innovation in the on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a price tag of a consumer service. On top of the core technology Varaani has built a complete customer offering that creates a seamless combination of content and storage services.