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February 7, 2013

Varaani Cloud Hub for SMB Customers in Finland

A Finnish telecom service provider Tampereen Puhelin offers Varaani Cloud Hub under service brand ”Tiedostoholvi”. The service answers all the small and medium sized business digital content storage needs.

Tiedostoholvi service allows users to store and share the company vital information securely. With the service it is to both the use and backup digital content. All the saved content can be accessed also through the Internet using a secure remote access. Similar all-in-one service is not available in the market.

”Tiedostoholvi combines local storage device with the best parts of cloud services and on-line backup into one easy to use package. Everything stored to a local Tiedostoholvi device is automatically saved to a secure on-line backup service without any limitations. The important files are always safe”, says Sales Representative Heikki Lampinen from Tampereen Puhelin.

Tiedostoholvi can also be used as a material bank to share files with customers without need of sending large email attachments. The easy to use web user interface offers access to all service features even through the remote connection. In a local network the storage device is available as a shared network drive and as a local backup target for office computers.

”Tiedostoholvi is a cost efficient solution. Both our current and new customers have been very interested in the service. We have received very good feedback from our customers, especially they have praised the service broad range of features, ease of use and easy deployment”, continues Heikki Lampinen from Tampereen Puhelin.

More information:

Heikki Lampinen, Sales Representative, Tampereen Puhelin Oy, tel. +358 44 736 4614,

Juha Kaario, CMO, Varaani Works Oy, tel. +358 50 483 5487