September 19, 2013

Varaani and Ilona IT to offer storage solution for schools

Varaani starts to offer the Cloud Hub digital storage solution for schools in collaboration with a leading Finnish school IT provider Ilona IT. The offering will bring a multi terabyte storage capacity for all digitally created content in the schools. The solution offers the best parts of the cloud services with support for mobile devices, while the content remains within in the school network and is backed up to the Varaani online backup serves in Finland.

Every school produces huge amounts of digital content as part of the projects with computers and mobile devices. This creates an immediate need for a secure digital storage where to save the temporary files and the final project outcomes. The work groups need a shared space to access the files and share the final output. The school needs a place to archive the schools new and growing digital history. The copyright and content protection regulations also often demand that the created content needs to remain in a certain country or region.

Varaani Cloud Hub provides an easy way to store, backup and accesses all your personal content – not just the first 50GB. It seamlessly integrates local Network Attached Storage device, online backup, remote access, and a media server into one user experience. The proprietary Varaani Storage Grid technology enables data redundancy with a fraction of the cost compared to the current solutions. The core backup innovation is patent protected.

About Ilona IT:

Ilona IT Oy focuses primarily on institutional education customers and selected B2B customers by providing them with best quality standard Soft- and Hardware IT solutions and services.

Our main strengths from a vendor- and a customer point of view are: An excellent ability to identify customer needs & find suitable solutions, A long experience from B2E- and B2B sales, A progressive approach – an open mind and a will to learn and grow, and Established individual relationships with customers and key decision makers.

Ilona IT provides added value for customers in the following area: Content Management & Distribution, License Management, Individual Productivity Tools, and Consulting, Training, Service and Support.

About Varaani:

Varaani is an award-winning company that provides care-free personal cloud storage solutions that enable end users do nothing and save everything. With the explosive growth in personal data, Varaani Cloud Hub securely stores and automatically backs up ALL the user’s content such as pictures and videos and allows them to access and consume it on any of their devices. Service providers can provide the Varaani Cloud Hub as an end-to-end solution with low upfront investments, and generate healthy margins from their existing and new customers.

Varaani is a high-technology company founded in January 2010 and is based in Tampere, Finland. The patent-pending core innovation in on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a very small data center footprint.


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