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August 12, 2014

Lounea starts as a Varaani reseller

Varaani is happy to announce the latest addition to Varaani Cloud Hub resellers. Lounea is a strong regional service provider in South-West Finland focusing its operations in Salo, Forssa, Lohja and Loimaa regions.

Lounea sells the Varaani Cloud Hub under the brand "Tallennuspalvelu". The service is mainly targeted to small and medium sized companies to solve their data storage, cloud sharing and backup needs in one easy to use solution.

Varaani Cloud Hub is a hybrid cloud storage solution with multi-terabyte storage capacity. It combines local storage device, private cloud sharing and on-line backup. All the user data is always behind the firewall and every bit of the data is encrypted before it leaves to Varaani on-line backup. With Varaani Cloud Hub customers can create their own private cloud and be assured their important data is always safe.