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April 3, 2012

Could Varaani be the next great success story coming from Finland?

Varaani Works Oy, is changing the landscape of on-line storage and data back-up having designed a solution to provide a care-free user experience in personal cloud storage.

They announced today that Donna L. Kivirauma has joined their executive team as CMO, Chief Marketing Officer. She brings with her more than 20 years of experience in Technology Sales and Marketing in company leadership roles. Being from the U.S, but calling Finland her home she is prepared to take the marketing strategy of Varaani internationally. Varaani solutions are productized as a white-label solution for broadband service providers and device manufacturer channels. They have a great team assembled and are gearing up for product launch.

Varaani started its operations in January 2010. The leadership team at Varaani decided the time to be right to bring an experienced Sales and Marketing leader to join the exceptional team of experts at Varaani. “Having someone like Donna who can take the vision of our team and the uniqueness of our solution and rapidly ramp up a go-to market strategy is just what we need at this point at Varaani. We are getting ready to launch our first customer in Finland, so her expertise will be invaluable as we move forward marketing our solutions locally and in an international environment, “ said Kimmo Lahdensivu, CEO and one of the founders of Varaani Works.

“My first days at Varaani have been outstanding. It is great to be a part of a team of experts who have made a solution that everyone wants and can easily get and use. It really makes my job easy! That was what first caught my attention about Varaani. I saw it as something I want for myself; zero configuration, secure, and a necessity for protecting my digital content. There was an immediate synergy with the leadership team at Varaani, ” said Donna Kivirauma.

About Varaani:

Varaani Works Oy is a growing company providing a care-free personal cloud storage solution. Varaani was founded in January 2010 and operates in Tampere, Finland. The founders have a strong background in IT and communication technology with several years of experience in international business.

Varaani’s mission is to create a leading experience for home and SME business users for keeping their digital content safe and accessible in one place. The core innovation in the on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a price tag of a consumer service. On top of the core technology Varaani has built a complete customer offering that creates a seamless combination of content and storage services.