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June 6, 2016

Anvia Isoo guarantees that your digital memories will not be lost

Anvia has brought to the market a new and unique service for saving and sharing photos, videos and other digital content. The Anvia Isoo (Isoo meaning something Big) service offers huge storage space which can hold millions of photos.

Differing from other web based storage services, Isoo has a double backup as a standard feature. The content is saved both inside the local device at home and to the Isoo cloud service. This way your most precious memories are securely saved.

”We all have a lot of photos on our computers and smartphones. With Isoo they are in a safe place even if your smartphone or computer breaks or is lost. On top of this the photos can be viewed with any device: you can see the phone’s photos with your computer and vice versa”, says Anvia’s Consumer Business Director Klaus Varis.

Isoo service includes a slick white storage device and cloud service. The storage device has two hard disks, so if one breaks down, information is saved on the other disk and inside the cloud service. The benefit of having a local storage device versus a cloud-only-services is speed. This comes very handy when large video files are saved. The storage capacity of the device is from 1 Terabyte to 4 Terabytes. Saving from a computer or a phone is made easy so that the backup of photos and other files works by itself. The security is also a very important factor. The data stored on the Isoo’s cloud service is encrypted and saved in Finland, inside Anvia’s own datacenter. This way the end-user data will not end up in the wrong hands. ”We see growing demand for the service because of the amount of digital property will definitely not decrease”, Varis highlights.

Isoo service is sold by camera specialty store Rajala Pro Shop. ”Isoo is suitable for both professional photographers and for photo enthusiasts, who want to secure the safety of their photos. There is plenty of space for any need: to the smallest, one Terabyte model can be saved up to 2 million photos”, says Rajala’s marketing director Juhani Toppari.

The service is developed and the online backup solution is patented by Anvia’s associated company Varaani Works Oy which is offering the service and looking to grow in the international marketplace. ”We introduced the Isoo service at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona where it was welcomed very enthusiastically. Many households lack easy and diverse storage solutions. It’s great that we can offer our service first in our homeland with our trusted Finnish partners”, notes the Chief Operating Officer of Varaani Works Juha Kaario.

Anvia Isoo products and prices

Isoo 1 TB: 19,90 €/month

Isoo 2 TB: 24,90 €/month

Isoo 4 TB: 34,90 €/month

More Information

Anvia: Business Director Klaus Varis, tel. 044 411 4419,

Rajala: Marketing Director Juhani Toppari, tel. 040 519 4375,

Varaani Works: Chief Operating Officer Juha Kaario, tel. 050 483 5487,

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