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November 12, 2014

Anvia invests in storage service developer Varaani Works

ICT service provider Anvia has acquired 25% share in Varaani Works Oy, a company specialized in data storage and content sharing. Varaani Works is located in Tampere, Finland and it employs 9 people.

Varaani Works is the developer of Varaani Cloud Hub, a product that combines local storage, online backup and content sharing. The data is stored to the local device, but also backed up to the cloud. All the content is available at high-speed and is always safe. The user being able to completely control his or her own content in the cloud is a big differentiator in Varaani’s solution.

”Digital content storage and remote access usage is growing explosively. Not only for the business users, but also for the consumers, who want to ensure the safe storage of their photos and videos currently in their PCs or mobile phones and who want to access their content with all their devices. Not everybody wants to send their priceless digital content to some unknown location provided by some global faceless company. We believe strongly in Varaani’s product and decided to invest in the continuing development by joining as the biggest shareholder of the company”, says CEO of Anvia, Mika Vihervuori.

Anvia will also become a channel partner for the product. In the beginning in Finland, but Anvia believes that there are opportunities to expand to markets outside of Finland. “The service complements our other business and consumer services well. It’s a good match for bundling with the broadband or other Anvia services, or as a part of data communications and IT services package for businesses. All the data is securely backed-up in Anvia data centers in Ostrobothnia”, Vihervuori continues.

”The Varaani solution combines data storage, sharing and backup into one seamless experience”, says Kimmo Lahdensivu, CEO of Varaani Works. “We want to offer our customers a great user experience for trustworthy personal content storage. Our user friendly approach has received good feedback from business users and we are just starting our international operations. The co- operation with Anvia accelerates the introduction of the consumer product and enables us to expand internationally.”

Anvia is a Finnish group with high expertise on information and communication technology. In Finnish telecom industry, Anvia is the fourth largest operator. Anvia provides consumers and businesses with modern high-quality solutions for successful business, communication, entertainment and security. In 2013, Anvia Group had a turnover of €108 million euros. Today Anvia has a staff of approximately 720 people. For more information, please visit

Varaani Works Oy was founded in January 2010 and operates in Tampere, Finland. Varaani’s mission is to create a leading experience for home and SME business users for keeping their digital content safe and accessible in one place. The core innovation in the on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a price tag of a consumer service. On top of the core technology Varaani has built a complete customer offering that creates a seamless combination of content and storage services.