Varaani is an award-winning company that provides care-free personal cloud storage solutions that enable end users do nothing and save everything. With the explosive growth in personal data, Varaani Cloud Hub securely stores and automatically backs up ALL the user’s content such as pictures and videos and allows them to access and consume it on any of their devices. Service providers can provide the Varaani Cloud Hub as an end-to-end solution with low upfront investments, and generate healthy margins from their existing and new customers.

Varaani is a high-technology company founded in January 2010 and is based in Tampere, Finland. The patented core innovation in on-line backup efficiency ensures large storage capacity with a very small data center footprint.

Varaani is Finnish for a monitor lizard. The Finnish word "varaani" also means "count on me". We promise that you can always count on Varaani to keep your files safe and to re-grow your data if something happens to your Cloud Hub device. Just like some lizards can re-grow their tail if they lose it.

Ilkka Kaikuvuo


Partner and CEO. Ilkka is a startup enthusiast, Mr Noisy and co-founder of Framery and Surveypal. Ilkka is an experienced IT professional with a background from R&D and ambitions on effective management of SMEs. Also a board amateur.

Innovation should be Ilkka’s middle name (but isn’t).

Phone: +358 40 524 8960

Email: ilkka.kaikuvuo at

Kimmo Lahdensivu


Co-Founder and CDO. Kimmo has held various strategy and R&D leadership positions at Nokia, Tahoe Networks and Sonera. Being passionate about technology and latest trends, his vision for how content protection and storage can best meet the consumer demands has lead to Varaani's core innovation and strategy development.

Kimmo has more data storage space at home than anyone we know!

Phone: +358-40-528 5058

Email: kimmo.lahdensivu at

Kari Hiitola


Co-founder, CTO, Chief Architect. Responsible for the technology and leading the R&D of the Varaani Cloud Hub. His specialty is the magic that converts a product that is complex and demanding for the engineers into one that is really simple for the users. Prior to Varaani he worked for several years at Nokia in senior software architect and product management positions.

Email: kari at

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