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Varaani Cloud Hub.

Do Nothing. Save Everything.

Whether you are a business or a consumer, digital files have become the heartbeat in our lives. The Varaani Cloud Hub is a Hybrid Cloud solution that keeps your files super safe, always accessible from any device, and all in one place. Your files are faster to access and has much more storage space than traditional and Cloud-only storage.

Be in control of your files and wallet.

Where do you keep things that you want to be safe? You keep them with you. Which is why the Varaani Cloud Hub keeps all your files in your office or home and in your control. Only backup information (not the whole files) is stored in our secure Cloud. And because it is a Hybrid Cloud solution, the cost to store Terabytes of your files is much lower. You're in control.

Save. Share. Backup. Play.

Tablet. PC. Smartphone. TV. Web.

You always have access to all your files. Advanced search enables you to easily find the file you are looking for from those Terabytes of file you saved. Drag and drop to save a file. Give access to your files for only yourself, a group, or everyone. Cloud Hub integrates with Time Machine and Windows Backup to automatically backup all your devices. No limit in file size or # of users. It's just better.

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PC. Mac. Tablet. Mobile. TV. Everywhere.